We don’t recommend DIY because sometimes in the end it is more expensive to fix faulty plumbing installed by somebody who doesn’t know much about plumbing. But if you feel confident that you can do it yourself then there is some advice from our professional plumbers.

First you need to do a research where to buy the parts and fixings you will need for the work. There are different kind of pipe fittings and pipes you can use for your bathroom or kitchen plumbing. As well as valves and stopcocks that you can use when you need to fix or stop a leak.

If the water coming out of your pipes is smelly or dirty you will need to use water filters or maybe water softeners if the water is too hard and rich with limestone. And if we are talking about tools you can use to fix your plumbing and unblock your drains then there are great range of plumbing tools and materials you can use. One of them to help you unblock a toilet or another drain is plumbing snake. This you can easily order on the internet and use to unblock your toilet.

To be sure that drains will not get blocked you might want to buy a macerator. This will help to reduce the solids into small pieces so your drains will not get blocked. For installing a macerator we would suggest to contact us and we will help you or advise you how to do it.

As mentioned above you can easily try and fix your plumbing install new systems and macerators but we advise you to contact professionals. We work 24 hours every day of the week, every week of the year. Call us, book us in and we will arrive on time whenever you want us to come.