Drain unblocking

Residential drains

It can start with a bad smell around your sink bath shower or toilet. That is the first sign that your drains might be blocked. blocked drain can be a real nuisance. It can keep you from using your toilet or shower or any sink.

The gully trap can get blocked outside your kitchen by your kitchen window. Then the sewage can start backing up and flood your back garden. If that happens it will turn out very messy and uncomfortable. Some customers try to unblock their and drop by themselves. We don’t recommend you doing it on your own.

There have been cases when the customer pours a chemical down down the gully trap and after put their arm in to take all the stuff that is blocking it out. This can cause a burns on your arm and can lead to a hospital visit. that is just one reason why you shouldn’t try to unblock your gully trap by yourself.

When you call us we will come of a ban for of help for tools to unblock your drain without any damage to the drains. The tools in clothes the basic plunger. We can use a plunger to unblock your sink shower bath and toilet. If the plunger is not good enough for the job we use rods. Rods are most useful for unblocking gully traps.

If the blockage is too big we have a drainage machinery with us. This drainage machinery uses high pressure water jets to clean and unblock your drains. It is useful to know if you have accessible manhole from there they can access your outside drains. So if you are a tenant or a home owner call us and we will come and unblock your drains. No matter how big or small the blockage is.